Rajwani Denim Mills Private Limited

From white to blue

Our magnificent denim covers many levels of transformation before it comes to you. These levels not only make them look attractive but also transform them into a rugged outfit so that it stays longer with you. So, what are those levels, which make Rajwani Denim so perfect. Let us take you down to them.

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    Where it all Starts from

    Ball Warping

    The legacy of our denim begins from procuring the best-grown yarn and putting them on the creels. At Rajwani Denim, we hold a massive capacity of 480 creels, which enables us to turn the yarn into a rope form, called Ball Warping. Our ability to warp the yarn in such a considerable quantity not only reduces our turnaround time, but also accelerates the process of our perfection

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    Life is Colorful, So as our Denim


    The warped yarn gets colored or dyed when it meets our state-of-the-art technology of Rope dying. A gigantic HTP machine (Mezzera) takes all the raw yarn and gives it attractive colors. What sets us apart from others is that our dying technology is not only fully automatized, but it also helps keeping shade and depth enriched with 8 separate dye boxes attached with Nitrogen chambers. The Nitrogen technology keeps dyes fixation strong on yarn. This is the reason our Denim has a strong and consistent shade on yarn. Our expertise of providing a consistent and unfading shade gives us an edge over others. And to maintain our competency, we challenge our own dying expertise by putting the dyed yarns into an intense lab test where these are These colorful thn still do not qualify to be utilized for Rajwani Denim's fabric until they cover one more level, coming next.

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    Opening the doors of colors


    Before the dyed yarn reaches for weaving, it goes in Rebeaming where the piles of colored threads are separated. The only thing which separates Rebeaming from Warping is Color, and the only thing which makes the dyed yarn able to be weaved is Color

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    Yarn in,Denim Out

    Weaving Process

    Now we finally see the dyed and sized yarns transformed into the beams and ready to be weaved. At Rajwani Group, we acquire the weaving machines from the world's most pioneer supplier, TSUDAKOMA Air Jet (Japan). We have 100 Japanese looms, having the capacity of producing over 1.5 Million meters per month. From 2016, Rajwani Denim has successfully been manufacturing 'Knit Denim' by using the advanced Dobby Looms. Hence, becoming one of reason of staying ahead in the Denim league.

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    The Final Touch

    Denim Finishing

    Before moving to our worldwide clients and our apparel division, the imperial fabric is finished (i.e. Mercerized and Sanforized) using one of the most sophisticated and automated Italian machines i.e. HTP (Mezzera). The finishing machine has an ability to process fabric error-free with a vast capacity of over 1.8 Million meters per month. Depending on the requirement, the final fabric is skewed, bowed, shrunk, and controlled to give consistent quality in each fabric. We successfully recycle 30% of water through Sanforizing and our professionals are constantly working to increase the percentage and recycle maximum water. Finally, the fabric is closely inspected by our professionals. We follow an uncompromised policy when it comes to the inspection of our final material. Last but not the least, the Rawani Denim fabric proceeds to our stitching division, which is a different world in itself. For that, let us take you there.

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    Here, we receive the approved style and cuts from our client and ready to put our dexterous hands on them. Every pile of fabric received is examined in terms of quality, shrinkage, and shade. We take out some archetypes which are cut and washed as per their respective processes. This activity gives us a go ahead for the entire fabric to be cut and marked for further layovers.